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Thorough and Actionable

The first step of qualifying for the top end is to identify, mitigate and remedy any obstacles, our SEO audits provide a solid, actionable foundation to help you qualify.

Technical SEO Audit Services

Technical SEO at it's finest

We’ll run your site(s) through our sophisticated crawlers to identify technical, crawling, log and cannibalisation problems, we also look at browser load events.

SEO Internal Linking

Internal authority distribution

If it’s done right, you can rank well without having a fancy backlink profile, we’ll consider the juice and internal linking distribution throughout your site(s).

Different SEO Verticals

We look at every vertical

We consider every vertical, including and not limited too; on-page, off-page, technical, server-side, keyword analysis, crawlability, content, citation analysis and more.

Money Making SEO Opportunities

Money-making opportunities

SEO isn’t about ranking high, it’s about qualifying for that top-end that has a higher CTR, which then results in extra revenue, our advice will help you grab that opportunity.

Audit SEO Support

Post-audit support

We don’t distribute our SEO audits without support, we’ll be on hand in case you, the stakeholders or developers have any questions regarding implementation.

*We will get back to you within 3 days.

We’ll briefly review your site from every perspective and send along 3 pointers.

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Crafting actionable SEO audits to help you qualify for the top-end.

150+ technical SEO audits compiled

We have over 15 years of experience in compiling, implementing and developing SEO audits to help our customers qualify for the top-end of the SERPs. Below are all segments that we consider when compiling an SEO audit; choose as many or as little as you require, the audit itself will cover each thoroughly, and at the end of it, you’ll be a guru too.

SEO Crawl Budget Optimistion

Crawl Budget

  • Extensive robots review;
  • Blocked rules leaking juice;
  • Identification of junk pages;
  • Compilation of new rules.
SEO Crawlability


  • Nofollow sculpting & review;
  • Disallow and noindex analysis;
  • Canonicalisation & hreflang;
  • Sitemap compilation & review.
SEO Cannablisation Review


  • Risk and likelihood checks;
  • Internal competing pages;
  • Page duplication checks;
  • Technical recommendations.
Server Side


  • Redirect loops & review;
  • HTTP status codes;
  • Browser DOM load analysis;
  • User-agent compatibility.
Technical SEO


  • External software site crawling;
  • Site speed review & checks;
  • Indexing and historical crawling;
  • Minification, https, server checks.
On-page SEO


  • Title tag optimisation;
  • Headings, p tags, image alts;
  • Keyword density;
  • Internal links, schema, page urls.
User Engagement Factors

User Engagement

  • Bounce rate review;
  • Average time spent on site;
  • Number of pages per session;
  • Meta and CTR reviews.
Website Disavow Review

Disavow Review

  • Identification of spammy links;
  • Links that are hurting your SEO;
  • Link farm enrolment check.
  • Disavow rule compilation.
SEO Content Writing


  • Duplicate content;
  • 404 errors with link equity;
  • Heading analysis, pages titles, etc
  • Active internal broken links.
Content Strategy For SEO

Content Strategy

  • Content originality;
  • Usefulness and informativity;
  • Engagement, accuracy, length;
  • Grammar, spelling, link checks.
SEO Internal Linking

Internal Linking

  • Internal juice distribution;
  • Orphan pages that need links;
  • Problematic internal links;
  • Opportunities and additions.
Mobile First SEO


  • Thorough mobile review;
  • Compatibility checks;
  • Technical recommendations;
  • Actions & plan.
SEO Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

  • Review existing optimisation;
  • Current KW search volumes;
  • Identification of new keywords;
  • Keyword competitiveness.
SEO Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

  • External metric review;
  • Optimisation comparison;
  • Differentiation and opportunity;
  • Best performing pages.
SEO Link Analysis

Link Analysis

  • Anchor text diversification
  • DA, PA, CF & Trust flow reviews;
  • Referring domains, IP's, velocity;
  • Relevancy, diversity and authority;
  • List of top competitor links.
Citation Analysis For SEO

Citation Analysis

  • NAP-W consistency;
  • Other directory opportunities;
  • Competitor directories.

Communities & Partners

We work, collaborate and partner with a wide range of industry-leading SEO tools.
Pi Datametrics

A team with a genuine passion

You can ensure that the advice you’re given is relevant, accurate and in-line with current best practice implementations, we regularly attend SEO conferences such as: Brighton SEO; SMX; Pi Datametrics hosted; Botify hosted and a wide range of others throughout the UK, we’ve even had the privilege of speaking at events, too.
Google’s advice is changing on a bi-weekly basis, as a result, we follow, meet and ask questions to Google representatives such as Gary and John to ensure that what we’re at the end of the game. 
SERP Audit Speaking At An SEO Event
One of our auditors, speaking at an SEO event regarding cannibalisation.

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