welcome to a new video mark with passive profits here today we’re going to be talking about making passive income specifically when it comes to blogging ymyl and eat now we’re going to be talking about what these things are if you guys haven’t heard of them it’s perfectly fine um no big deal i’m gonna tell you guys what ymyl is i’m gonna talk about the kind of the myths and the lack of understanding behind it and i’m also gonna tell talk to you guys about the situations uh about ymyl and now i kind of just want to go over everything that’s going on so back in about 2016 there was this update to certain categories of blogs um i would say somewhere i think it was around uh june i could be wrong um but around 2016 uh some bloggers got hit when i say very hard i mean about you’re looking about 60 to 75 percent of their work being hit being taken when i

say taken down i don’t mean uh like deleted off the internet i just mean it started to decrease in ranking meanwhile other blogs were ranking forward and what happened was is google didn’t come out and say hey we’re going to hurt ymyl spaces or why ymyl niches uh basically what they said was you know we’ve done a new update so prepare for a new update that’s it and they didn’t give any specific details on exactly what happened but a lot of people started talking on forums and going back and forth and they realized that it was articles or blogs in the what we refer to as the ym ymyl space now what is ymyl there’s blogs on this you guys could go on youtube and listen to videos on ymyl you guys can see here i only watched about one video to see what people’s opinions are um it’s uh it’s honestly a big i don’t want to say a lie but it’s over exaggerate and i’ll explain what happens

ymyl stands for your money your life and that’s essentially like a very very very large group of niches anything that has to do with your life quote unquote is is in the yml ymyl space anything that has to do with money same thing like if you recommend for example people how to buy a house or uh you know how to manage your money or um you know how to save money every month or any kind of thing like that maybe fitness uh health uh you know anything in those kind of spaces um these articles got hit now i just want to be very clear before we even go on into the video if you are in a ymyl space you have nothing to worry about okay i just want to put it point blank out there okay if you do get d ranked from google it’s not because of ymyl and we’re going to talk about why that is in the future but in general there were this there was this huge outro this this huge group of

people complaining that google had d d-ranked them okay now you guys know something that i always preach is what it’s diversify always have different articles different businesses different blogs that you’re relying on don’t rely on one thing because then you’re shooting yourself in the foot when algorithm change happens uh you know somebody’s got a rank in position number one whether it’s you or the next guy it doesn’t really matter to google what really matters to them is somebody’s gotta you know fit there rank one and they were they’re gonna fit the best article now what happened was there was a lot of people who were i don’t want to say uneducated but maybe they weren’t putting out the best information in google’s eyes okay now the way google uh looks at how the information is put out is not based on the information itself guys but it’s based on certain metrics like keyword density bounce rates engagement rates on the website all these different things because at the end of the day

google as a company doesn’t know if the fact that you’re saying is true and i’ll explain what i mean like for example if i say uh the human body has 23 chromosomes now i could be wrong i could be right but google doesn’t know if i’m necessarily right or wrong unless it’s quote unquote validated by science but what i’m trying to say here is is if i spew out some kind of fact some kind of money saving fact or or something in the ymyl space by the way the human body does not have 23 chromosomes i just wanted to put that out there um but uh you know it but sidetracked anyways what i’m trying to say is google cannot validate the information that you’re saying in your blogs to be right or wrong but what they can do is they can adhere to the audience and how the audience is reacting to the page on your website so if the audience for example goes to your page they they’re visibly reading the first sentence or two on the web page and then they leave then google knows

that this web page is not going to be interesting it’s not going to be help people so what do they do they push you to you know rank 20 or rank 50 or rank 90. whatever the case may be right but if people are actively engaging on your website they’re reading everything they’re clicking around they’re seeing things well then google says okay based on human behavior we’re going to put this one at the top because this is the one that’s performing the best it’s engaging with people the best right now here’s an example of somebody who had a problem with this in 2018. the person said this christine whoever her name is says respectfully never telling us anything means people guess some will be right and some will be wrong much better when google would give us breadcrumb of where to start looking because if you lost 50 percent of your traffic in a day there is something you can do so here’s the thing this individual this christine person she says she lost 50 percent of her traffic basically because of some update and google’s not telling her exactly where she messed up and that’s the thing about ymyl guys is that

you can’t succeed off of a certain tactic you can’t succeed off of a certain you know link building tactic or or a certain um you know when i say all these tactics like these black hat tactics like buying links or or clearing out bad links or something that’s not going to make you rank it is the information on how people react to it for whatever reason google probably looked at this person’s article whoever this person is and said you know what their article doesn’t uh or the the articles on her blog at 50 of them uh do not suffice of what they’re looking for so what do they do they deranked her and so the guy replies this danny sullivan guy he replies well he says well lots of things to do to improve uh things to do and he mentions one of them as an example improved site speed so he’s basically answering her and telling her yeah there is no indeed no point blank ranking factor that will affect your