What is YMYL in SEO? (Your Money Your Life)

what is ymyl ymyl stands for your money your life and it’s a certain category that google kind of looks at with certain sites so if your website has anything to do with health money investing financial state stability safety anything that’s going to affect your money or your life or google’s users money or their lives they’re going to pay extra attention to that sort of search or that ranking now how do you optimize for ymyl versus something that’s like you know like maybe you’re trying to rank for something like best memes 2020 that google’s probably not going to care as much about one of the best ways to rank and and this just goes in any situation doesn’t just have to do with ymyl is by is by finding what other

authoritative websites are mentioning and including that in your website so google basically compares what you’re saying versus what something like wikipedia might be saying and i actually have a good story about this i tested this a little while ago i was i was trying to rank for maryland seo maryland and the reason why i was doing that is because i found that there was like 2200 searches a month on average uh for those keywords and what i did is i i instead of me trying to just go and write make a random page what i did is i started including a bunch of stuff about that wikipedia was mentioning on my page so i said you know bordering what virginia and west virginia i was talking about uh their religious views and so on and so on put pictures of maryland and even though i had nothing really to do with seo in that area what happened is i actually started ranking really really well i was ranking number one because i put so much hyper relevant
information in there that you know wikipedia was mentioning so when you’re trying to rank for these types of things here you know for things that are going to really affect people’s lives you want to try to obviously be authoritative so you want your website to have a lot of relevancy around what you’re talking about you want people to know who you are obviously if you can get links that kind of stuff it’s going to help you but one of the biggest things that i found is just mentioning information that other relevant websites authoritative relevant websites are mentioning in your copy