What Is E-A-T and YMYL? And Do They Impact SEO?

 what is eat and ymyo and do they impact seo okay eat stands for expertise authoritativeness and trustworthiness ymyl stands for your money or your life these are both concepts that come from google’s quality raters guidelines and these guidelines are used to train human quality writers that work outside google the entire job all day is to just review websites in accordance with these particular factors now the what does this mean in terms of seo well
really absolutely nothing so google is on record on multiple occasions they’re saying that the google quality rating guidelines do not have any impact on seo at all okay so but i have had a number of people say that google takes eit and ymyl into account and they even talk as if there is uh some sort of a framework or jt score and they have even referenced the fact that google says to work on improving your eat well in one respect that’s true google says to improve your eat but they also say on that same page where they say to improve the or eit they also talk about the fact that google’s quality raters have zero impact
on rankings in the algorithm so what this means is that eat and ymyl these are just concepts it’s like saying that if you were to improve your ugabuga and as opposed to eat it basically means the same thing it’s a conceptual framework so just by focusing on say eat or ymyl you might hit a few good factors randomly speaking but it would pale in comparison to what you would get if you had a targeted seo campaign that focused on improving things like content improving things like links and improving the quality of your technical seo if you’re not focusing on those three things then you’re not really doing seo you’re doing ooga booga or whatever you want to call that based on the specific eat and ymyl framework but you might be asking
but i saw a video from danny sullivan he was talking about eating if you’re referring to this video right here here he’s just talking about google discover and google news that has no impact on the overall google ranking algorithm and here in this particular help article from google they also say that the quality rater guidelines have zero impact on rankings so yes it’s really not it’s really a clear answer here eit and ymyl are a framework for saying something to the effect of let’s improve eit by working on improving content improving your links improving the quality of your technical seo stuff like that and it’s not an eat score or anything like that at all that’s it for today’s asking seo episode 9 this is brian harness signing off have
a great day