ThriveDesk Lifetime Deal – HelpDesk, Community and Shared Inbox Software for Lifetime

Before you reading: This article is a text version of YouTube video tutorial.

Hey what’s up guys welcome back again this is sunesh and today we are going to have a look at a deal called thrive desk tridesk is a cloud-based platform which we can use which can be used for customer support as help desk but it has an additional functionality with most customer support platform does not have is features like community means you can create a private or public community where user can create account and engage post comment like a social media platform right and one more additional feature you have at back end at help desk is unified inbox means all of your support tickets either it’s from live chat widget on your website or from email will come at one place in unified inbox and you can assign that to the particular department or your teammate right so we’ll first have a look at deal what is deep then we’ll try to pee inside the tool right so this is the trivedesk

 uh deal page you can find the link in the description and check it out yourself and grab the suitable plan for you so it is get the best deal ever on help desk and community software today okay so it’s for 20 days not forever what is lifetime deal first of all if you want to create a such account when in which you have such functionalities of let’s say only help desk and not with the uh community like features like then also it’s quite expensive in the market with other tools you have to pay monthly recurring subscription charges for the to use such kind of software but here we have a special exclusive lifetime deal for which we only pay once and never pay again so what is this uh this is shared inbox uh so okay so we can here have a glimpse over here only so we don’t need to dive inside the tool but still we’ll

try to do that so first feature major feature is called shad inbox you can uh also tell it unified chat i i got from where i’ve got got this term right i got this term from live streaming softwares right so actually it’s called shared inbox right in which you can have private notes for particular ticket which only can be seen by you or your teammates right you can save replies uh suppose let’s say you are getting a lot of questions uh you have a lot of questions frequently asked then you can save replies to use it again right so you don’t have to write again and again uh one feature is it collision detection okay so okay so you can stop some messages if you want by some filter or something it must be like that you can tag multiple tickets to organize all of your tickets so these

are the features of shared inbox another thing is live chat and live chat widget looks like this on your website you can embed on your website and uh you can set up automated replies and docs that will be from the knowledge base and knowledge base is coming soon with automated reply right and busy agent bought an email continuation when the customer drops offline okay so when someone messaged you from your website’s widget and before he gets reply or after a certain conversation he went offline so now you have an option to reply on that particular live chat and that visitor will get that reply on his email so that this is what it is right email continuation when the customer drops offline another major feature here is community right you can uh you can create your own community a forum like engagement platform for your private or

public community or your customers right so this looks like this you have multiple organized multiple topics to organize discussions such as traveller review health and fitness business gossip etc etc right and you have create private channels right you can create private channels for the premium or pro or paid members and you can empower multiple interest groups right by creating a different interest groups and people can join interest groups of their choices right another option over here is white label right you are you can you can go white label with your community means there will be nowhere the branding of thrive desk right and you can upload your logo uh i think i need to confirm on this whether thrive does branding is completely removed or not because they what they meant mean here with white label is uh just uploading a logo right

so we need to confirm on this remind me in the comment box so i will uh make sure to tag anyone from the tribe this team and they will reply us on this okay so i think white level normally means that there is no label of that party software which is used right so it may be complete wide level okay so another major feature is reporting you can measure your metrics that how much rating you are getting how much uh how are the response from your tickets all right and the another thing we which we just discussed was the knowledge base right and here is the roadmap we will have a look at it okay so let’s have a look at road map okay uh okay let’s let’s first see the pricing we have lifetime deal pricing running on over here and 20 discount for the next five days only so after five days you will not be able to grab this 20 20 discount but uh you have an agent’s 10 discount specially for agency 20 is not

applicable on agency so that you have to use a coupon code early10 you can find in the description box you description box you just have to write early 10 e a r l y 1 0 right you have to apply that coupon code now we have a look at you have one solar panel plan in which you get one shared inbox three supported support agents unlimited chat one knowledge base and unlimited app integration what you don’t have in solar panel plan is community right you don’t have community inside solopreneur plan and uh one more thing uh one more plan called startup it has one community five shared inbox 10 support agents unlimited live chat unlimited app integrations right and in business plan you have 15 shared inbox 25 users or you can say support agents right uh unlimited chat i think you can distribute these uh