SEO and E-A-T considerations in the YMYL (your money or your life) sector

Hi everyone my name is Laura Hampton I work at impression and I’m here today to run a webinar session on the topic of SEO in there your money on your life sector and so hopefully if you sign up for this webinar either you work yourself in that particular sector and/or you’re working on behalf of clients who may be due who are looking for a little bit of help so I’m going to introduce what that sector is I’m going to talk through how SEO for that sector has changed and I’m gonna give some real-life examples from some real businesses across the web I’m also then going to give you some tangible advice some actions that you can put in place to help improve your website’s visibility within that sector so before I get started I’ll give you a brief introduction to and who impression is and what we do as an agency so we were actually founded in November 2012 by two guys called Erin and Tom they were working themselves within marketing functions and had found that the level of work they were getting from their agencies was not quite where they wanted

it to be so they started impression as a way of doing things better and we pride ourselves on being very data-driven making sure that everything we do has got a real measurable output for our clients so that’s kind of where we’re at and we’re in agency delivering digital marketing services including things like SEO which I’m going to be talking about today so obviously this is the process whereby we improve the visibility of websites in the search engine results pages so that when people are searching for us for our products for our services they can find us and we also do PPC or what’s known more broadly as paid media so anytime that you’re paying to advertise on the internet whether that’s through Google Ads or through Bing or maybe through social media platforms or maybe you want to retarget audiences do display advertising and programmatic anything like that we have a team in place who also delivers that service and we also do digital PR so actually my job title here at impression and its head of digital PR and I I manage a team of incredible and creative professionals

who deliver broadening of a client’s audience through the processes of public relations say we will use data and we will create stories and we will get our clients into the press which also supports SEO which I’ll come back to later on and we also do analytics so for any clients or any business who’s looking to better understand the impact of the work that they’re doing we can help them to make sure they’ve got everything set up properly in terms of google analytics in terms of their own tracking through their their customer relationship management and right through to more detailed insights that they can gain from that data so we do lots and lots of stuff and we do it for lots of different types of clients say I’m speaking to you guys today more specifically about your money in your life sector but we’ve actually applied a lot of these techniques and a lot of our learnings across businesses and from those as large and well known as the likes of cancer research at VAX min Tendo through so much smaller businesses as well who we’re maybe earlier on in their marketing journey so hopefully everything that I’ll give you today will really help you to make a difference for

your own business you can also be sending me questions throughout the webinar so if you do have any questions to ask just pop them in their box at the side and I will do my best to either answer them here or I’ll get back to you with a response afterwards it’s also worth noting that this webinar is actually based on a white paper that I produced so there is a link to the white paper at the end of this presentation and which you will get access to after the presentation is complete we will also send you a copy of the white paper so and lots and lots of information for you guys to digest and hopefully use so let’s get started then and firstly my name is Laura as I’ve already mentioned and I’m head of digital PR impression I’ve been working in the industry for about 12 years now so my background actually started off as a journalist then I moved into more traditional PR then I’ve been working in SEO for about 8 or 9 years and then I’ve been managing the PR team there after I’ve done that both agency side and in-house as well so I can kind of see it from both both sides and I also regularly speak at

conferences so hopefully you’ll be able to see me at some of those conferences coming up in the year so SEO and e8e considerations so what I’m going to be giving you guys today is a look specifically at how the recent updates around EA t which stands for expertise authority and Trust have impacted businesses working in what we call the your money or your life sector so what does that actually look like well your money or your life or why myl refers to those sites which we typically see impacted perhaps earlier or perhaps more than most other websites because these are the areas where it is absolutely essential that Google gets it right so this includes things like finance health anything to do with medical anything to do with insurance anything really that will affect either your money or your life so we’ve got a few examples here on the screen if you are working in the areas of car insurance maybe credit cards banking medical advice investments laws social

services news as well to an extent so this can be a tricky one but anytime that is covering topics such as politics or business it’s really important that Google gets it right so if you’re working in those areas you’ll usually find that Google’s updates affect you first or more that doesn’t mean to say that what I’m going to share in this webinar is only relevant to those businesses because actually what we often find is that Google will test things on these sites and then when it finds something that works it will roll it out to other kinds of websites and other types of businesses so if you’re on the webinar today and you’re thinking I don’t work in one at these types of businesses not a problem at all these tips this advice should still be relevant to you and if it doesn’t feel relevant right now it’s certainly something to be investing in into the future and what is Eata and so I’ve mentioned it a couple of times already and it’s it’s undoubtedly become a bit of a buzzword within our industry it’s something that there’s no specific rating for so if anyone starts to talk about improving your EA T rating or