How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Needs – 8 Types Of Hosting Explained

Note: This article is a text version of YouTube video tutorial.


There are so many different types of web hosting accounts to choose from and it could get a little confusing and a little overwhelming to keep tabs and to understand the different types of hosting so that you could choose the right hosting for your situation and for your needs and that’s the purpose of this article is for it to help you be able to choose the right web hosting for you hi my name is Adam from WP crafter comer I make WordPress tutorial videos for non techies and if you’re new here consider clicking on the subscribe button and make sure to hit that notification bell okay so we’re gonna jump into this video it’s gonna be more presentation style like this so let’s just go ahead and get started first I want you to know what to expect in this video number one this video is gonna help you choose the right hosting for you whether you just want one website multiple website ecommerce website online learning course website you’re a web developer and you’re hosting websites for clients that’s what

this video is for to help you choose the best web hosting package for you and for your needs now it’s also going to be very helpful to identify what other types of hosting are out there and what you should be looking for when deciding what host is for you so you can know when it’s time to change web hosting providers because we all start someplace but then we might need to make changes as time goes on and so I’m gonna help you identify those now you might be surprised but this video is not gonna be me making recommendations saying go to this host and get service there or this host that’s not what this videos for this video is for explaining the different types of hosting that are out there so that you know what type of service to pursue for your needs okay and but if you are interested in recommendations my website that I have all those at is order new hosting dot-com I have a lot of information there on the

different types of hosting that we’re going to talk about in this video different top tier companies that provide services reviews for those companies I’ve got it all right there and I’ve got something that I’ve recently added there and uptime monitor page so most of these hosts I have a website on I’m doing real-time monitoring to see the uptime every minute and to test the load time and I’m making this I’m paying for this and I’m making this available to whoever visits order new hosting comm they’ll be able to view this page or you could just go to my website WP crafter and click on hosting both take you to the same exact place now surprisingly I don’t think you should put all the weight in your decision based upon that uptime monitor page it is nice I’ve got it right here this is what it looks like and you can see the name of the company you can see their uptime over the past seven days but you shouldn’t put all of your decision in what you see there because

this is really just showing you the uptime for the one server that has my one website on that one service so a lot of these companies have thousands of servers that they’re managing all this is going to show you is the uptime of one and it could be something related to a wordpress update or something along those lines that cause a little bit of downtime it is actually very normal obviously we all want 100% uptime that’s the goal and the hosts want to provide that I’m just saying that one person’s experience might not mirror someone else’s and there’s other things to consider and look for when choosing a web host but I did want to make this uptime monitor available for you and for the people that visit my web site so we have a big problem when it comes to hosting and it usually boils down to expectations right so we all want the

Ferrari right we want the nice fast beautiful car or maybe if you’re not a Ferrari person like me you might like a convertible luxurious Bentley and that’s kind of what we all want that’s what we’re expecting but we don’t all have the budget for that we might just have the budget for a Toyota now there’s nothing wrong with Toyota’s I’ve been driving Toyota’s of for years but the experience I get with the Toyota versus the experience in a Ferrari are obviously going to be different the price tag is different the handling is different the interiors different every aspect of these two experiences are going to be different and that is a lot of how hosting is we want the Ferrari but we might only have the budget for the Toyota and that’s okay but you just want to go in with the right expectations and that’s why you can see one hosting package costs five dollars per month and one hosting package cost $500 per month

there’s this difference but there is something that you get that’s different depending on what you pay just like whether you’re buying a Toyota or a Ferrari I personally wouldn’t want a Ferrari I prefer a Bentley but who are we kidding I’m probably never going to drive a Bentley anyways so I broken down to the four criteria that you should use when deciding and evaluating various hosts and I like to call this and I coined this term I didn’t get it from anywhere else is the flores’s of hosting okay so the first s is speed so depending on the plan that you choose and the companies you want to be looking for how fast is your website going to load so that’s the first one’s speed the next one is support are you gonna get support not just my websites down can you help me but support like I don’t know what happened to my WordPress password I can’t login can you maybe fix that for me or I’m trying to update this

plug-in it’s not working can you fix this for me WordPress specific support okay so the different supports you get and I think support is actually one of the most important experiences that you want to evaluate when choosing a web host as the support experience that you’re going to get the level of help you’re going to get and do they have a wordpress expertise next is security are the connote number one include a free ssl certificate that’s a must nowadays there are some hosts that still don’t do this a lot of them have been getting on the bandwagon but security goes a lot further than that another site of security is are they taking proactive measures to prevent and block brute-force attacks on your website scanning for vulnerabilities on your website things like that that is what I’m talking about when I’m referring to security also side note with that not all web hosts and this is a big pain point point for people is if you have an outdated