Features of a SEO friendly WordPress Theme

1. A SEO friendly WordPress theme should have a well-organized and thought out hierarchy.

2. All important content should be easily accessible and within reach.

3. The theme should be designed with SEO in mind from the start.

4. Navigation should be easy and logical, with clear and concise labels.

5. The overall design should be clean and uncluttered.

6. The theme should be mobile-friendly and responsive.

7. The theme should load quickly and be optimized for speed.

8. Images should be properly sized and compressed.

9. Alt text should be used for all images.

10. The theme should make use of headings and subheadings.

11. The theme should be coded in clean and valid HTML/CSS.

12. The theme should use semantic markup where possible.

13. The theme should use proper title tags and meta tags.

14. The theme should have a well-designed and effective 404 page.

15. The theme should have a built-in blog or be compatible with popular SEO-friendly WordPress plugins.

16. The theme should have social media integration.

17. The theme should be regularly updated and compatible with the latest WordPress version.

18. The theme should have excellent customer support.

19. The theme should come with detailed documentation.

20. The theme should have a reasonable price.