Does Google rank articles written with AI Writing Tool?

As you can see in the last two months, this is the question that I have been facing the most. I have had to answer this question over and over again through inbox and post-comment. So I thought I’d write a long post. You will benefit if you read with patience.

AI Writing Tool and I

My acquaintance with Artificial Intelligence or AI Writing Tool is not very long. The friendship is even less. Don’t think again when you see the word “friendship”, I will give a biased kind of verdict in this article.

Let’s make it clear why I’m talking at the beginning. In fact, I’m not in a position to give a verdict yet. At first I thought I’d share analytics screenshots of some of the sites I started experimenting with AI writing tools. But since I am not in favor of the screenshot, I have moved away from this decision. Even then, if the senior members of the group express their views in the comments, then there is an option to edit the post.

I have been using AI writing tool for several months now. It can take about a year.

Even then, I think I have not yet come to the position of giving a verdict on this issue. Maybe in six months I will be able to make that decision.

Here are some of the sites I’ve tested: How to use the AI ​​Writing Tool:


AI Writing Tool> Publish Site

AI Writing Tool Human Touch> Site Publish

AI Writing Tool Article Optimizing Tool> Publish Site

AI Writing Tool Human Touch Optimizing Tool> Publish Site


So you understand that I have been coming up with a plan from the beginning. It is because of my unquenchable interest in technology that I have been interested in learning about this tool ever since. I have studied the methods of OpenAI project and similar organizations.


Current AI Writing Tool and My Speech


It is probably difficult to say exactly how many AI writing tools there are in the current market. Even three months ago, it could be said by counting the fingers. But now that number has to be calculated on a calculator. Especially since OpenAI has made their API approval easier, anyone can create an AI writing tool if they want. But it is not possible for everyone to create quality that can be used. As a result, some have advanced a lot and some still remain at the basic level.

In my opinion, those who are in power in the market are reminded right now:




Shortly (Acquired by Jarvis)





Right cream









There are more. I can’t remember anymore. If you search on Google, you will get a bigger list. We have experience using about 10 tools from this list.

How to write AI writing tool?

The answer is in one word – with the help of bots. The API of the bot or robot is taken from OpenAI through a certain amount of payment. With that, everyone uses their own technology. And that’s the main thing. Whose technology is as stable, their service is the best, speedy, valuable. Almost everyone is equal except their own technology.

Articles written with AI tool rank in Google?

OK, let’s get to the answer to the main question: if you think AI WRITING TOOL is a writer, then articles written with the tool will not be of any use. And if you think AI WRITING TOOL is Writer’s Assistant, then that’s fine. In that case you can use the article written with the tool.

An article writing tool but not a writer. There is no substitute for Human Writer. These tools are writing assistants. Will do your two day work in two hours. This is the advantage. But it won’t let you write automatically.

Let’s talk about Surfer SEO. What happens when you optimize an article with a keyword? Suggests related keywords and says that if these keywords are in the article then the article will be good and search engine friendly. Now if you put those keywords one after the other without any semantic meaning, the surfer score will show 100/100. The green light will show. Does that mean it is an article? Assume it has been optimized?

The same goes for AI writing tools. The trillions of words in the robot’s repository will continue to create sentences in a certain number of specific formats (meaning the way you command them). The next sentence will be based on what you will create.

Now the thing is, the bot mimics every user’s behavior. When you first start creating articles with AI tools, you will find quality articles that will give you better quality writing later in the month. This means that the robot is familiar with your writing at this time. Trying to capture your patterns. He learns from what he commands.

For example, the ScaleNat AI Writing Tool: First of all, they use OpenAI. And its own technology or method is that if you search Google with a keyword based on the first 30 results, ScaleNot will give you a report on what to do if you want to come in the first position with that keyword. The whole thing will get in the form of a report in a few seconds. This will include how many word articles you will write, clustering keyword list with NLP, content score, outbound link / url / site, Top 10, Top 20, Top 30 What’s on the site, how to get better quality articles from them, you will get the report in a short time.

Now think, if you were to do these tasks manually, how many hours would it take you to analyze those thirty sites? It will take at least one day. It will be news to get the right result. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

You can then manually plan a content based on this report. It will be very easy to make a plan then. Because there are thirty sites in front of your eyes. You can easily understand what topics you need to include in your writing to fully cover that topic.

Note that if you want, you can create an outline of content with Scalenut or AI writing tool with just a few clicks. You can match that with the scope of your thoughts or knowledge. You can edit.

And when the article outline is created, write the tool with the command. Can write 20-150 words at a time using AI writing tool. Now you just give the command once (i.e. click or press the shortcut key) and read and see if what you want is being produced? Does it mean that the writing tool is creating sentences according to your needs?

If not?

Then delete Ask to write again. If not again, delete again, rewrite.

Write-read-delete-write-read-forward in this way.


Then edit the whole article again with a human. Then optimize it with any SEO optimization tool.

If not?

Then delete Ask to write again. If not again, delete again, rewrite.

Write-read-delete-write-read-forward in this way.


Then edit the whole article again with a human. Then optimize it with any SEO optimization tool.

Brother, I understand everything. But if there is so much fuss, why should I use the tool? It is written directly with Human Writer. Or?

Maybe of course. And there is no substitute for a human writer. But where a human cannot write thirty thousand words in a whole month, using that Writer AI Writing Tool, you can write at least one lakh words per week, which is better than its previous quality.

And this is the game!

I hope you understand at least a little bit of AI writing tool?

AI writing tools and myths

When I first learned about computers, the idea was that if you put the numbers in the math book on one side of the computer, the solution will come out on the other side!

I think this idea works for many people now with AI writing tools. Looking at your question, I understand – you think that if you can insert a keyword in the AI ​​writing tool, it will come out as an article of five thousand words.


But that’s not the point. And OpenAI has banned the writing of automatic articles. AI tools say that these bots are never a substitute for human writers. Which is why most of the tools you see are written without writing AI Writing Tool – AI Assistant or SEO Assistant… etc.


AI Writing Tool is not an alternative to Human Writer. Writer’s assistant only. I hope you have read my article so far and at least it has been clear to you.

Last word

No, there is no end in sight. But technology is never good. If you use butt technology for good, you can do better. Only then can you expect something better. Or not.

Now tell me, will Google index articles written with AI writing tool?

My answer: Hey brother, Google does not eat articles written with human.

And Artificial Writer! (Jokes a part)

No, not my answer, what did you think after reading my writing – will there be an index or not? I seriously want to know the answer from you. If there are other questions, do it.

All the best.

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