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Top 5 Chrome SEO Extensions That Will Improve Your Technical SEO Wizardy

If you’ve been in the SEO game for a while now, or you’re just starting off in this new, exciting world, you will probably have noticed that there are certain processes to SEO that are replicated time and time again, especially if you work agency side. I like to consider myself as a Google Chrome...
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The Last Minute Checklist You Need To Read Before Implementing HTTPS

If you plan to deploy always-ssl to your site soon, you’ll need to ensure it’s executed properly, as minor security and SEO boosts, essentially – can be very minimal compared to the potential loss in revenue if it isn’t implemented correctly. As one of Google’s objectives is to move towards a more secure web, more...
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Turning Abandoned Carts into Sales: Getting Started With Remarketing

If you’ve been shopping on a large eCommerce website recently and placed an item in your eCommerce shopping cart and then not checked out, you may have noticed that you started suddenly seeing that item advertised all over the web. What you were seeing is called remarketing, and it’s among the most effective ways to...
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It’s Not A Big Deal If You Have “Some” 404 Errors On Your Website

It’s always nice to get some friendly feedback from Google, whatever the subject may be. If you’re just starting out in SEO and you have your own website, you may find 404 errors popping up in the webmaster tools console. They can be frightening at first and you’ll start to wonder if they can negatively...
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