Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2022

there’s a dirty little secret about all these wordpress hosting companies out of all the wordpress hosting companies out there only three are recommended by wordpress themselves and we’re gonna look at the top 10 hosting companies and go over the pros and cons of every single hosting company one by one and by the end of this video you’ll know exactly which hosting company is right for you as a bonus i have the hookup i have special discounted pricing for all these hosting companies that you can only get right here and i’m going to be sharing that with you at the end of this video as well but let’s get started first with siteground and one of the big pros about siteground is it’s extremely easy to set up i even did a video talking about how you can set up a wordpress website using siteground in just four minutes there are also one of the three different hosting companies that are actually recommended by wordpress and they also have very affordable pricing but they are not the cheapest hosting company out there host singer which i’ll be talking about later in this video is actually the the cheapest hosting company out there and actually pretty decent so make sure you stay tuned for hossinger but going back to siteground siteground is extremely

reliable they have over 99.99 uptime and they have extremely fast servers and you get a free ssl certificate which basically allows your site to be more secure but there are some cons for siteground one of the first cons is even though it’s pretty affordable priced it’s still mid-tier pricing as i mentioned there are some hosting companies that are cheaper another con with siteground is there are plan limits if you’re planning to host a ton of videos on your website or really large images and a lot of images of that siteground might not be the best option for you though they do have gigabytes and gigabytes of storage for 99 of the people out there it should be plenty of storage but this is something you should keep in mind next up is bluehost and bluehost is one of the most popular wordpress hosting sites out there it’s also the second of the three different hosting companies that are recommended by wordpress they’re also one of the most trusted companies out there which brings us to our first con with them and this is true about all different hosting platforms but the way that they became so popular and so trusted is they were

one of the first ones to have an affiliate program an affiliate program is basically where people talk about hosting companies in exchange for getting a kickback when people sign up for that hosting company and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but as someone that’s been using bluehost for a number of years now their service has gotten a lot slower and honestly i think for what you get right now it’s overpriced and now before we move on to the next platform godaddy i want to tell you a little secret because all these hosting companies offer affiliate programs and part of the reason i’m able to give you the hookup and give you such a good discount is i signed up as an affiliate for all these different programs so that i can make this video and make it as unbiased as possible but let’s talk about godaddy and my recommendation is do not use godaddy no matter what they’re okay for buying a domain name but they’re not even the cheapest one for buying a domain name and they spend a ton of money on advertising and the way that they’re able to make that money back and all the money they spend on advertising is by having higher prices in tricking people into buying a domain name and then adding on hosting and adding on other features that you just

don’t need do not go with godaddy they are overpriced and they just do not offer a high quality service when it comes to hosting your website a2 hosting is one of the fastest hosting providers out there basically meaning when people go to your website it’s going to load up extremely fast but on the downside they have really poor uptime and uptime basically means how often people can actually visit your site now keep in mind no hosting company has a 100 uptime but most of them have 99.99 uptime meaning just about any time someone tries to go to your website they’re going to be able to go there but a2 hosting has one of the lowest uptime percentages out there and they actually got hacked a few years ago and from what i’ve heard it seems like they still haven’t fully recovered from some of that hack so be careful with a2 hosting but it still has like 99.96 uptime and it’s an extremely fast hosting provider hostgator is another extremely popular hosting platform out there now hostgator is actually owned by the same company as bluehost but bluehost is actually recommended by wordpress themselves so