Best Hosting for a Small Business in 2022

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How’s it going everybody welcome back and today i’m bringing you guys the best web hosting providers for small businesses now before beginning if you guys are interested if you guys now before we get if you guys are interested if you’re in now before we begin if you guys are interested in any of the web hosting providers that i mentioned today be a bluehost hostinger or hostgator you’ll find links to pricing discounts in the description down below as well as full reviews if you’d like to learn more about these web hosting providers now for small business website owners picking a reliable hosting provider is vital your choice will have a large impact on revenue and customer satisfaction and to ensure that those impacts are positive rather than negative i’ve compiled three of the best web hosting providers for small businesses starting with bluehost which is the best overall small business host bluehost is overall the top recommended hosting provider it’s got comprehensive

features and excellent customer service it provides great value for money especially for small startup businesses you have multiple types of hosting including shared vps dedicated reseller wordpress and woocommerce hosting one of the biggest reasons why bluehost is so popular is its easy integration with wordpress the one-click installation for wordpress is an absolute joy it means even the least technical user can launch their site with both wordpress and bluehost there’s also plenty of other features on offer whether using wordpress or not including unmetered bandwidth free ssl certificates and the cpanel control panel bluehost uses cpanel as its site management system which offers simplicity and clearly laid out sections for beginners without sacrificing more advanced functions bluehost’s disk space though is slightly more limited with

some of its competitors what’s more servers can slow down if your website experiences a huge surge in traffic for example if you’re running a paid social media campaign though at 99.98 percent bluehost’s uptime is on par with hostgator it’s a very impressive figure in fact it amounts to less than two hours of downtime over an entire year considering the fact that 100 uptime is impossible to guarantee bluehost’s figure becomes even more impressive in terms of pricing and value for money bluehost is very well balanced in terms of pricing and it starts for example with the shared web hosting starting from 295 all the way to 13.95 and this is the discounted rate again if you’re interested in even further discounts you’ll find them in the description down below keep in mind that the auto renewal will be at the regular rate and the regular rate is down here

so this is the pricing for uh shared web hosting you’ll have obviously different pricing for dedicated hosting you’ve got vps hosting woocommerce hosting and wordpress hosting they all have different prices and they’re very fairly priced considering how much you’re getting there’s a lot of value here for your money uh even if you go with the most standard or basic plans the best bluehost plan for a new business just starting out is a shared hosting package so you go to hosting shared hosting and you’ll get a free domain for your first year and a decent 50 gigabytes of ssd storage the best bluehost plan for a business wanting to sell online is woocommerce hosting so let’s go here woocommerce hosting and this package you’ll be able to sell unlimited products and get a super practical storefront theme installed automatically new customers can get shared hosting from just295 with bluehost which is